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Equinola Horse Bedding
1 Pallet (42 Bales)


  • Delivered to your door
  • There are 42 bales on a pallet, each bale weighs: 19.5kg each.
  • Delivery point must be capable of accepting a 13 metre long truck.
  • Delivery truck will have its own truck mounted fork lift truck which needs firm ground to operate on.
  • Please choose the relevant delivery zone for your postcode in the dropdown menu below this will add on the relevant delivery pricing.
  • For orders over 5 pallets, then please contact us for discounts.
NO. of pallets:


Zone I
BB, BD, BL, CH, CW, DE, DN, FY, HD, HG, HU, HX, L, LA 1-10, LN 1-8, LS, M, NG, OL, PR, S,SK, ST, WA, WF, WN, YO

B, CA, CV, DH, DL,DY, LAII-LA23, LE, LLII- LL19, LL28-LL32, LL34, LL58-LL78, LN9- LN13, NE, NN, PE, SR, SYI2-SY14, TF, TS, WS, WV

Zone 2A
AL, CB, CM, CO, HP, IP, LU, MK, NR, SG Zone 3
BR, BS, CF,CR,  DA, DG I -DG5, DG I 0-DG16, E, EC, E H, EN, G 11-G1 5, G1-G5, G20-G23, G3 l­ G34, G40- G46, G51-G53, G60-G62, G64-G69, G71 -G78, G81 , GL,HA, HR ,IG, KAI-KA6, KAI 3- KA18, KA24-KA25, KA27-KA29, KT, LL20-LL27, LL33, LL48-LL49,  LL51-LL57,  ML, N P, NW, OX, RG, RM, SE, SL, SM, SN, SS, SW, SYI5-SY16, SYI-SY II , TO, TW, UB, W, WC, WD,

Zone 4

BA, BH, BN, GU, LD, LL35-LL47,  ME,PO, RH, SA l , SA IO-SA I3, SAI8-SA20, SA32, SA40, SA48, SA5-SA9, SO, SP, SY 1 7-SY25, TN

Zone 5
CT, DG6-DG9, DT, EX, KAIO-KA12, KA19-KA23, KA26, KA30, KA7- KA9, SA 1 4-SA 1 7, SA2- SA4, SA31, SA33-SA39, SA41 -SA47, SA61- SA73, TA

Product description

  • Equinola horse bedding is made from high quality precision chopped, screened and dust extracted oil seed rape straw (Canola).
  • Oil seed rape straw is an ideal bedding material as it is highly absorbent.
  • Our bedding is treated with Lemon scented Tea Tree oil, giving it a lovely lemony aroma with all the benefits that are associated with Tea Tree oil.

Equinola Horse Bedding benefits

  • Lemon scented Tea Tree oil acts as a deodoriser against stable smells.
  • But what it really excels at is as a powerful insect repellent.
  • It offers POWERFUL PROTECTION from mosquitoes, flies, ants and other insects. Lemon
  • Scented Tea Tree oil is well known for its extraordinary power as a NATURAL insect repellent.
  • Equinola includes a natural bitter tasting herbal mix to deter animals from eating the bedding.
  • Equinola horse bedding is packed in extra strong bags for better handling.
  • Our bedding has a rapid rotting advantage over some conventional bedding materials
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